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January is...


New Years Day: 1

Betsy Ross's Birthday: (1752) 1

National Science Fiction Day: 1

Universal Hour of Peace: 1

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day: 2

55-MPH Speed Limit Day: 2

National Personal Trainer Day: 2

Earth at Perihelion: 3

National Write to Congress Day: 3

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day: 3

J.R.R Tolkien's Birthday: (1892)

National Trivia Day: 4

National Bird Day: 5

National Second Hand Wardrobe Day: 5

Epiphany or Twelfth Night: 6

Fruitcake Toss Day: 6

I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore Day: 7

Elvis Presley's Birthday: (1935) 8

Midwife or Women's Day: 8

National Joy Germ Day: 8

Show and Tell Day at Work: 8

Thank God It's Monday Day: 8

National Static Electricity Day: 9

Clean Off Your Desk Day: 10

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: 10

Martin Luther King Day: 11

Amelia Earhart Day: 11

Frisbee Introduced: (1957) 13

Penguin Awareness Day: 13

Ratification Day: 14

Champion of the Month Day: 15

Humanitarian Day: 15

Appreciate a Dragon Day: 16

Nothing Day: 16

Religious Freedom Day: 16

Ben Franklin's Birthday: (1706) 17

Customer Service Day: 17

Get to Know Your Customers Day: 18

Winnie the Pooh Day: 18

Basketball Day: 20

Inauguration Day: 20

Islamic New Year Day: 20

National Disc Jockey Day: 21

National Hugging Day: 21

Squirrel Appreciation Day: 21

World Religion Day: 21

Answer Your Cats Questions Day: 22

Better Business Communication Day: 22

Celebration of Life Day: 22

National Popcorn Day: 22

National Handwriting Day: 23

National Pie Day: 23

National Speak Up and Succeed Day: 23

Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day: 23

Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day: 23

Belly Laugh Day: 24

National Compliment Day: 24

Women's Healthy Weight Day: 25

Fun at Work Day: 26

India Day: 26

National Australia Day: 26

Holocaust Memorial Day: 27

Mozart's Birthday: (1756) 27

Thomas Crapper Day: 27

Chinese New Year: 28

Challenger Shuttle Explosion: (1986) 28

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day: 29

Freethinkers Day: 29

National Puzzle Day: 29

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day: 31

Jackie Robinson's Birthday: (1919) 31


Diet Resolution Week: 1-7

New Year's Resolutions Week: 1-7

Silent Record Week: 1-7

Women's Self Empowerment Week: 1-7

Someday We'll Laugh About This Week: 2-6

Celebrate the Circus Week: 7-13

Home Office Safety and Security Week: 7-13

National Thank Your Customers Week: 8-12

Cuckoo Dancing Week: 11-17

National Skating Week: 14-22

International Printing Week: 14-20

Universal Letter Writing Week: 7-13

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week: 15-19

Week of Christian Unity: 18-25

Healthy Weight Week: 21-27

Hunt For Happiness Week: 21-27

Bald Eagle Appreciation Days: 20-21

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week: 27-2/3

National Creative Frugality Week: 21-27

National Handwriting Analysis Week: 21-27

National Nurse Anesthetists Week: 21-27

National Take Back Your Time Week:21-27

Women in Blue Jeans Week: 21-27

National Medical Group Practice Week: 22-26

Catholic Schools Week: 28-2/3

Groundhog Days: 31-2/4


Book Blitz Month

Celebration of Life Month

Coffee Gourmet International Month

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

Financial Wellness Month

International Creativity Month

International Life Balance Month

International New Year's Resolutions Month for Businesses

International Quality of Life Month

International Wealth Mentality Month

Jump Out of Bed Month

Learn Spanish Month

National Be On-Purpose Month

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

National Get Organized Month

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Lose Weight, Feel Great Month

National Mail Order Gardening Month

National Mentoring Month

National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

National Poverty in America Awareness Month

National Radon Action Month

National Returns Month

National Skating Month

Oatmeal Month

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